Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Take Advantage of Our Unsecured Business Credit Lines

A business line of credit gives you complete freedom to reach your company’s goals. With flexible capital, obstacles just disappear. Whether you’re interested in upgrading computer systems or remodeling your office to accommodate a larger team, the choice is yours. At Abundant Wealth Financial, we help fund these important projects and many others with unsecured business lines of credit. Our unsecured business lines of credit offer the following benefits:

  • Amounts up to $50,000 for new business
  • Amounts up to $500,000 for established businesses with annual revenue over $10 million
  • 0% introductory offers
  • 1% – 5% over prime for large lines of credit
  • No collateral required
  • No subprime loans

Your Funds, Your Objectives

With traditional bank loans, reaching goals isn’t as easy because you constantly have to seek approval. For example, if you get a loan to purchase property, that’s all you can use it for. Banks don’t let you use the funds for remodeling or expansion.

We do things differently. Our unsecured business lines of credit put the power in the hands of our clients. We want you to feel free to bring projects to life. After all, you’re in the best position to know what your business needs to increase its profitability, reputation, and services.

No Collateral Needed

Unsecured lines of credit don’t require you to put up any assets as collateral. That makes the process easier and faster. We offer excellent rates and offers with fully revolving business credit. You can keep your business moving forward for many years to come. Get started right away.