An abundance of competition in the legal field makes it hard for firms to stand out and build up their practice. Law firms that are looking to boost their profile and attract more clients need to enhance their outreach efforts. If you’re looking to devise more effective marketing directions to get more intakes, here are some key areas to focus on.

Overhaul Your Website

Is your firm’s website up to par? Your web design can make a winning impression on people who are learning about your services online. If you’re not adequately attentive to your site’s performance, however, you could be making a really lousy impression. The first thing that you have to affirm about your website is whether it is fully functional. Unfinished sections and pages that don’t load are a huge red flag. Slow-loading pages are also a huge red flag.

Outdated-looking or visually displeasing design can have the effect of driving people away from a site, and it can undercut your most important law firm objectives. Even if the site’s problems are primarily aesthetic, not updating a site conveys that you aren’t on top of things. If people look at a firm’s site and conclude that it’s too busy to take care of basics with website maintenance, they won’t feel good about entrusting you to handle a complex legal matter.  

Find What Works and Repeat It

Use data analysis that gives you a clear picture of how well various types of ad campaigns and engagement strategies are working to generate business. Specifically, you want to see what tactics are sparking interest that brings people to your website site or social media accounts as well as which segments of those leads become your firm’s client. Smartly analyzing key metric points allows you to clearly identify the most effective and cost-efficient law firm marketing tactics that you should employ in your engagement initiatives.

Build a Strong Network for Referrals

Being active in your professional community is a key component of law firm marketing. Make it a point to establish relationships with other legal professionals. Firms refer out clients frequently, and it’s not always because they don’t like the looks of a representation. A representation that involves a highly specialized practice area need or a super busy caseload may make an attorney who is conducting an intake might reasonably conclude that a referral is in order.    

Ultimately, investing resources in marketing needs to be a top operational priority for law firms. Well-directed outreach tactics can position your firm for a new phase of growth. Contact Abundant Wealth Financial today to explore our comprehensive marketing solutions.