When Facebook rapidly became the go-to social network, it’s hard to imagine anyone didn’t foresee the huge potential Facebook could provide in terms of marketing. Facebook advertising has certainly lived up to its potential and continues to provide advertisers with a rich platform in which to market their goods and services. 

You don’t have to be a social media expert in order to make Facebook work for you. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your next Facebook ad campaign. 

1. Know Your Target Audience or Audiences

There’s no reason to target just one audience. In fact, marketers know different audiences are drawn to different types of advertising. Facebook advertising makes it easy to target several different audiences. 

2. Utilize Audience Insights

Facebook has a nifty tool called Audience Insights at your disposal. Use it. It will help familiarize you with a specific audience so you can determine whether or not that audience is the right audience for your product, or if your ad is the right ad for that audience. It is an essential tool for the success of your campaign. 

3. Enticing Images

The image you use is the first thing people will see when they look at your ad. If your image doesn’t appeal to them in some fashion, they won’t bother with the ad copy. Use an image that grabs, pushing them to want more information. Facebook has designed its marketing tools around the theory of the importance of the image. Obviously, it works. 

4. Where They Land

Landing pages are standard practice in ad campaigns. It’s not your home page. It’s not your “about” page. It’s a page designed for this specific campaign. Your audience needs to understand why they were led to a specific site and your landing page provides that information. Just like your image, your landing page needs to be striking enough that it has them wanting to know more. 

5. Establish a Budget

If you establish a budget, Facebook will automatically keep your CPMs within that budget. Facebook will then do the bidding for ad space on your behalf. 

When you put all these strategies together, you have a killer ad campaign. Best of all, Facebook advertising tools do the majority of the work for you. Each step is important and each step is vital. All you have to do is bring an image and some copy, then watch the action happen. Contact Abundant Wealth Financial and we will put together an effective Facebook marketing strategy for your organization.