How you promote your business online plays a big part in how much success you see. One classic method of improving your digital presence is by ensuring your website and related assets meet current SEO standards. Though paying attention to the latest trends is one helpful way to tweak your copy and see better results, you also want to be as specific as possible when it comes to the optimization process. One perfect example of this is learning how to implement local SEO into the process. 

Start with Geo-Specific Directories

Where your business is listed will play a big part in its online presence. Before you begin optimizing your assets, you first want to make sure that your company is visible to people who exist in the communities you are targeting. Google My Business is a good place to start, as it acts as a modem yellow pages directory and aims to connect people in communities with local businesses. However, don’t limit yourself to one directory. Research the online community boards that might prove relevant and create a listing to attract an audience.  

Research Local Keywords

The optimization process usually involves infusing copy with relevant keywords and phrases. These words are often based around current consumer search trends, meaning that using the right terms is likely to rank you higher across popular engines. To take advantage of local SEO practices, try to be geo-specific with the keywords you utilize. Adding the names of specific locations in your area can also prove advantageous, as it increases the odds of your listing coming up when locals are seeking services you offer. Keywords change often, so be sure to update your copy every so often to remain relevant. 

Create Content for Specific Audiences

You might also find it helpful to cater some of your content to local audiences. When your business is situated in a specific location, it has the advantage of being able to relate to members of the community in a direct way. Use local legends, landmarks, and stories to craft content that people will find engaging, informative, or amusing. While you still want to keep some of your content broad to reach audiences near and far, cultivating a handful of unique pieces can provide you with a more robust return on your investment.

While search engine optimization has long been a trusted practice for business owners looking to improve their digital marketing strategies, you need to be as specific as possible in order to see the best outcome from your efforts. Contact Abundant Wealth Financial today to see how a geotargeted SEO campaign can boost your business.